The Apple-Smith Corporation

The Apple-Smith Corporation operates the only asphalt plant in central Ohio that produces hot mix asphalt 12 months a year. As a materials production and distribution company, we manufacture asphalt, distribute Trackless Tack (NTSS – 1HM), sell recycled crushed aggregate, and sell Armor-Tile ADA-compliant detectable warning devices to customers throughout the region. We also have the only operating batch plant in the region, which means we can manufacture specialty mix designs that even the large-volume manufacturers cannot produce. These mix designs can be created in a quantity as small as 1.5 tons or as large as you need. Of course, we also manufacture cold mix asphalt for temporary patches.

No matter the job, our focus is always on quality and we guarantee that our products meet all the mix design specifications from gradation and liquid asphalt concrete content to production temperature. Our ability to produce hot mix asphalt during the winter also means our customers can count on complete permanent maintenance repairs during the off season. It also means that we can provide lasting comprehensive repairs in the winter without having to use cold mix asphalt, which is only a temporary fix that must be removed and replaced with hot mix asphalt the following season. We also distribute Trackless Tack, a proprietary emulation tack coat we use to bond asphalt pavement layers or lifts together. As well as recycle and sell crushed aggregate. In the heat of summer and the dead of winter, the Apple-Smith Corporation gets the job done right the first time, every time.

Material available for purchase include:

Hot Mix Asphalt Products

  • 448 Type 1 Asphalt Concrete
  • 448 Type 2 Asphalt Concrete
  • 301 Bituminous Aggregate Base
  • 302 Bituminous Aggregate Base
  • 402 Asphalt Concrete
  • 402 Surface Mix Asphalt Concrete
  • 404 Asphalt Concrete
  • Curb Mix Asphalt Concrete
  • Sheet Mix Asphalt Concrete

Cold Mix Asphalt Products

  • Fiber Reinforced Cold Mix

  • Recycled 304
  • Asphalt Grindings
  • Asphalt Sand
  • 57’s
  • #8’s

Asphalt Based Liquids

  • Liquid Asphalt Cement
  • Trackless Tack Coat (NTSS-1HM)

 Detectable Warnings