Flash Fill | The Greensboro Corporation

The Greensboro Corporation specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of Flash Fill- a fast setting, flowable backfill material, also called Controlled Density Fill (CDF), created by using Coal Fly Ash, a recycled material and byproduct of coal burning power plants. Flash Fill is a very fluid material mixed on site that fills all void areas, including those that may be inaccessible to other types of backfill. It is also a superior alternative to compacted backfill which takes valuable time and costly labor to install because it requires no labor for installation and no equipment for compaction.

The C Fly Ash from western coal burning power plants contains a high content of calcium that causes a flash set or hardening of the C Fly Ash when mixed with water. This flash set and a combination of other materials such as F Fly Ash and sand, allows us to create a flowable backfill with a specific density, which sets in only 30 minutes.

Even with its quick setting characteristics, Flash Fill can easily be re-excavated with hand tools or machinery. We produce two types of CDFs: Type III, our most commonly used product, and Type IV, which has better flow characteristics and is typically used in utility abandonments or areas where access is restricted. With our two types of Flash Fill CDFs, we are uniquely qualified to complete any backfill project or utility cut repair. Our Flash Fill is delivered directly to your project site via finely calibrated volumetric mixer trucks, which means we can save you money and guarantee that you get the exact quantity you need- no more and no less.