Providing a safe work environment for our employees, customers, subcontractors, and the general public is a primary focus for Decker Construction. Training, planning, proper selection and use of PPE and equipment; learning to make the correct safety decisions; and having the right and responsibility to stop any unsafe operations are just a few of the safety processes that our employees use every day. We provide OSHA 30 hour training to our superintendents and management staff, OSHA 16 hour training to all field personnel, and more focused task specific training when necessary. Weekly “Toolbox Talks” are held with our employees to discuss proper safe work practices. Recognizing and putting a stop to unsafe work practices is fundamental to a safe work environment!

As a member of the Safety Council of Greater Columbus, Decker Construction has received numerous awards over the years. These awards include the “Group Award”- Lowest incident rate in each SCGC group, “Achievement Award”- 25 % reduction in incident rate from the previous year, “100% Award”- One year without a lost-time injury or illness, and “Special Award”- at least 500,000 labor hours and at least six months without a lost-time injury or Illness.

Decker Construction is a Drug Free Work Place. We are members of the Ohio BWC’s Drug Free Safety Program at the advanced level utilizing both pre-employment and random drug testing. Our program includes employee education, supervisor training, and employee assistance. Our commitment to Drug Free Work Place has been ongoing for decades and is ingrained in our safety culture.

Safety is not a matter of luck. Decker Construction’s commitment to training, safe work practices, safety programs, and the Drug Free Safety Program has allowed us to keep an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) that is nearly half the industry average. While the low rate provides access to reduced insurance premiums and is an excellent measure of historical performance, we at Decker Construction focus on continuous improvement to our safety programs and culture.