About Us

Our History

When Ed Decker formed Decker Construction in the 1950s, he envisioned a Columbus construction company that offered high quality, cost-effective products and services to the central Ohio community. And although the company has evolved during several changes in ownership, from Marble Cliff Quarries to Medusa Aggregates to The Crane Corporation and now in its capacity as an independent business, the vision has never changed.

Roger Apple, a former laborer and operations manager for the company, and Fritz Smith, a former Decker Construction sales manager, negotiated a deal to take ownership of the company they helped build in 1981. Thirty years later, Apple is now chairman of the board for the company, which is still located on McKinley Avenue in Columbus.

What We Do

Serving a five-county area in central Ohio, Decker Construction Company operates in four distinct divisions:

  • Paving– our traditional paving operation completes hundreds of jobs each year, working on everything from driveways to highways.
  • Construction– our construction team focuses on road widening, excavation, underdrain installation, storm sewer installation.
  • Concrete– the Decker Construction concrete division focuses primarily on large-scale wheel chair ramp projects.
  • Asphalt Maintenance – The maintenance division offers street utility cut repair, pothole repair, and other asphalt pavement repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round.

Recognizing that Columbus continues to be poised for exponential growth, Decker Construction has successfully diversified its services to offer the full asphalt paving spectrum in order to support the expanding community we serve. Our company’s strategic expansion has included:

  • The Apple-Smith Corporation– this business unit is the only operation in central Ohio that operates twelve months a year and provides year-round asphalt materials from our batch plant on McKinley Avenue. It also distributes Trackless Tack (NTSS – 1HM), recycled crushed aggregates, and Amor-Tile detectable warning devices.
  • The Greensboro Corporation– operating as Flash Fill, this business unit manufactures and distributes a fast-setting flowable backfill material, or Control Density Fill (CDF), which can be paved on in only 30 minutes and is easily excavated if necessary. It is primarily used as a backfill for utility cut repairs.