Trackless Tack (NTSS-1HM)

The Apple-Smith Corporation is a certified distributor of Trackless Tack in Central Ohio. Our team distributes Trackless Tack from our state-of-the-art facility in Columbus and also offers comprehensive installation services. Trackless Tack, formally specified as NTSS-1HM, is a proprietary emulation tack coat developed by Blacklidge Emusions, which is used to bond asphalt pavement layers/lifts together. Since the inception of tack coats, others in the industry have always used the same products and construction procedures developed decades ago. Not at Decker Construction.

Now, Trackless Tack has brought technological innovation from the aerospace industry to the production of tack coat emulsions. This cutting-edge technology allows emulsion manufacturers to create products that produce better bond characteristics with enhanced curing properties. Trackless Tack is manufactured from harder pin asphalt than standard tack coats, which means a better bond between pavement surfaces. These new manufacturing technologies also allow for the creation of an emulsion that breaks quicker and dries in only 15 – 30 minutes, which consolidates the construction process and eliminates tack tracking that occurs when dump trucks carrying asphalt to the paver pick up the uncured tack off the road being paved and track it on adjacent roads. This problem not only creates an unsightly mess, but also affects the quality of the pavement structure.

When dump trucks back up to the hopper of a paver to unload asphalt and drive away, they pick up tack right where adhesion is the most important- in the wheel path. Because of this, delimitation, slippage and premature pavement failure can occur and significantly reduce the life of a pavement surface, which in turn increase the cost to maintain it. With the installation of Trackless Tack, we are not only fostering a better quality product that provides our customers with a stronger pavement structure, but we are revolutionizing the procedures associated with tack coat installation. These new procedures guarantee that our customers get everything they pay for: full tack coat coverage of the pavement surface with a consistent film thickness and ultimately a stronger, higher quality pavement structure.