Asphalt Milling

Decker Construction is a qualified asphalt milling contractor and we have the experience and tools it takes to precisely remove the most intricate depths of asphalt, concrete and stone. Our machine is capable of milling 13″ deep and 4′ wide in a single pass. It is also versatile enough to do pavement repairs on light-duty parking lots and on long trenches for utility installations, eliminating the need for a saw cut. It also accurately performs full width milling of arterial streets.

Depending on the job, we have the flexibility of loading out the millings with a conveyor or leaving them in place, which is particularly useful in maintaining pedestrian or vehicular traffic until the time of excavation. We also use several skid steer mounted grinding heads that allow us to mill small repairs with minimum widths of 18″. Decker Construction offers comprehensive milling services, including traffic control, off-site trucking of millings, and complete clean-up of milling debris.